Oasis Use Policy

What is an Oasis?
The Project Oasis program was designed to provide places for students to interact, study, and relax between classes and during extended breaks. Since 2003, the program has transformed more than two dozen underutilized spaces into comfortable, supportive, informal learning environments. These spaces are located in academic buildings, where classroom scheduling is centrally administered, and thus the Oases are meant to serve a broad student population and not a single department or College. Oases spaces are typically located adjacent to primary circulation paths near common-use classrooms to facilitate learning prior to class or the continuation of learning after class.
What are the typical elements that comprise an Oasis?
New ergonomic furniture and finishes are provided for each new Oasis as well as lighting and acoustic treatment to support informal learning. The spaces are meant to be lively and colorful, which is reflected in the choice of finishes. In addition, each Oasis is adorned with artwork from UIC Art and Design students and living plants.
What are the restrictions on the use of Oasis spaces?
Currently, an Oasis project is initiated by donations, garnered by the Development Office; therefore, donor intent governs the use of these spaces. In general, during the academic year the Oasis spaces cannot be reserved or utilized day or night during the week for events, courses, seminars, presentations, etc. These spaces are to remain open for informal student use at all times during the week. However, during breaks between semesters or on weekends the spaces may be reserved at a cost.
What is the cost to reserve an Oasis during breaks or weekends?
The cost to reserve an Oasis is meant to cover special cleaning of carpets and furnishings (after the event), additional wear and tear on the furnishings, and management time. The typical charge, excluding the Port Center, Learning Centers, or the Library, would be $400/event. There will be an additional charge of $250 if the space is not properly cleaned and arranged after the event. Rental of tables, equipment, and catering services are not included in this cost. Also, damage to and loss/theft of furnishings will be charged separately as well as failure to remove rental furnishings. Please contact lesya@uic.edu reservation information.