Advisory Board

OCLE Advisory Board


The Board serves an advisory role to the Director regarding the direction of the Office of Campus Learning Environments (OCLE)


The Board members are asked to do the following:

  • Share their expertise and experiences regarding UIC’s formal and informal learning spaces
  • Make recommendations regarding the development and prioritization of OCLE’s yearly projects
  • Offer feedback on OCLE’s strategic initiatives/directions
  • Provide counsel regarding OCLE’s progress on yearly projects and strategic initiatives/directions
  • Advocate on behalf of OCLE when the opportunity presents itself


  • The Director of OCLE will invite and select members to serve on the Board
  • The Board will be composed of approximately 50% UIC faculty members and 50% students
  • The length of service will be one academic year, with an option to extend
  • The Board will meet twice annually, once per semester

OCLE Advisory Board Members (2016-2017 Academic Year)

  • Laura Cappelli, Student, CBA
  • Tony Corte, Lecturer, Department of Managerial Studies, CBA
  • Prakhar Deora, Student, CADA
  • Yohana Ghdey, Student, USG President, SPH
  • Nirmal Gosalia, Student, Medicine
  • Joe Hummel, Research Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, COE
  • Steve Jones, Professor, Department of Communication, LAS
  • Safia Khan, Student, Nursing
  • Paul Malchow, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, LAS
  • Jane Marone, Clinical Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition, AHS
  • Susanne Rott, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics and Germanic Studies, LAS

Past Board Meeting Presentations